Words of Hope...

Lord Send Me Some Cows

By Katie Morris |  October 14, 2010

      When I was a teen my grandmother became very ill with cancer. My sister and I took turns caring for her and my grandpa. We came from a fairly poor family. Our own father had passed away when I was sixteen and five of us kids still lived at home. So at a very young age we learned to rely on God and trust Him for all our needs. 
    One December day, grandma became very ill and she was taken to the hospital and they told us she had Spider Cancer. We had no idea what that even was let alone how fast it takes a life. On our way back to grandpas, with barely enough money to get back and forth to the hospital, I dropped grandpa off at his house and headed to our church to pray. I had my mom in the car and we got to the four-way stop across from the church and our tire went flat with no spare. Just so happened that no one was at the church or parsonage and no one lived near by either. I was so frustrated and at my wits end. All I knew to do was walk 6-blocks to the Kmart and use the pay phone to call home for someone to come and get us. Mom and I were going to walk to grandpa’s house about 10 blocks away. I remember standing at the church doors saying Lord you own the cattle on a thousand hills, I need 2 cows. Looking back, I should have asked for more. However, off I went to Kmart. I make it there and use the phone and find no one answering the phone at our house, which never happens because we have 4-5 people running around all the time. Later I learned the phone was off the hook. This was more than I could handle. I was so aggravated and tired I start on my walk back to the church. I barely get out of the parking lot and a woman from our church says, “Hey where are you going”? I said, “To the church”, she knew we lived in a town a few miles away. She said, “Hop in I will give you a ride”. I said, “it’s alright I can walk”. You know, when God sends the boat, just get in it! Anyway, she finally talks me into getting in and I rode with her to the church. She sees our car with a flat and says, “Do you know you have a flat?” I said, “Yes, I know”. She said, “Do you need help changing it?” I said, “No, I don’t have a spare”. She asked what she could do to help. I said, “Just take my mom home and I will walk to grandpas’ from here”. I needed to pray off my own frustrations before going back to grandpas’. She said,” I can’t just leave you”, I assured her she could. She said, “I will be back with my husband”. I said,”No, it’s alright.” Again, I stress, when God sends the boat just get in it. She leaves with my mom and tells me she will be back. I am talking to the Lord feeling helpless and annoyed about the whole day. A few minutes later she is back with her husband who says to me, “We asked the Lord to give us someone we could bless for Christmas and He gave me some overtime to work and I told God I would use that money to help someone.” “We want to buy you two new tires.” My cows were being offered to me. I, of course, being stubborn and young, said,”No it’s alright”,” We will be fine.” Again, I stress, take the cows when they are offered. Anyway, the husband said,” I am taking the tires off and going and getting them put on.” So, I finally, after a few minutes, get out and help him and accept the cows that God had sent.
Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV) 
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.